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BT Mobile - Giant Wasps Smuggler, BT

After providing a range of props and effects for this year’s BT commercials – from giant popcorn and zombie hands to large-scale explosions – Artem particularly enjoyed creating the next set of requirements for the series.  This included two large-scale wasp models - an authentic, life-like version and an incinerated version, both approximately 1.2m long. We also built a bespoke flame thrower, capable of shooting a flame across 4m, to emulate an MIB gun.

Initially, the wasp was sculpted and moulded before being cast twice to create the two different versions, which were then meticulously painted and dressed by our talented artworkers.  The wings for the living version of the wasp were made from a delicate metal structure and a covering of thin, semi-transparent material, while the incinerated version was dressed to look as if the wasp had been blasted with a flame thrower.

Both wasp models were fitted onto a system of manipulation rods and cables and with twitching antennae, which were operated on set by two Artem technicians on the day of the shoot.

Emily Pooley, one of Artem’s artworkers, said: ‘I love projects like this – something as surreal as making a giant insect, where you get the opportunity to get stuck into the detail, such as punching hairs individually into its body.  Taking charge of the flamethrower on set was a highlight for me – I felt like Lara Croft – I didn’t want to give it back to Willem Dafoe.’

The final ad sees Hollywood legend Willem Dafoe attacking our wasp model with the flame thrower. You can watch the ad here.

You can also see our very own Will Wyatt making his acting debut (starring alongside Willem Dafoe, no less) as 'Incompetent SFX Technician' (which couldn't be further from the truth!) in this behind the scenes spoof video.  Will also appears in this video with our SFX Supervisor, Simon Taylor.

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