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Asda Christmas Ad Moxie Pictures, Asda

'Like Sisyphus, Simon perpetually rolls the Boulder of Vague and Impractical Ideas up the Hill of Ever Changing Design Requirements, only to see it roll back down, past the Vast Field of Revised Estimates, to the bottom.  And yet every time I take a project to Artem I know that, despite the constant issues of time and budget, they will come up with great solutions and work of the highest quality.  I think that because they really care about what they do, Artem will always go the extra mile to make it work, however big or small the job may be.  

'We last worked together on the current Asda Christmas commercial, which needed a family car covered in fairy lights (I think about 12,000 lights were attached to the car in the end).  The fact that everything went without a hitch is a testimony to the experience and professionalism of the team.  Thanks.'

Dick Lunn, Production Designer

Asda’s 2015 Christmas commercial is all about the fun and exciting things that we love about Christmas.  Amongst these things, the ad suggests, are setting Christmas puddings alight, going overboard with festive lights, and dressing up dogs with reindeer antlers – all things that we were happy to help with for the shoot!

Our main contribution was to dress a large estate car with a dense layer of approximately 12,000 LED berry lights.  The lights were held in place with self-adhesive pads and powered with 4 high-capacity car batteries placed in the boot of the car. To top off the excessively festive look, we fitted the car with a bright, nodding reindeer model.

Smaller contributions to the shoot included making two ‘antler hats’ to fit a dog, as well as providing materials and equipment to burn a Christmas pudding with a controlled flame.

The end of the ad sees our brightly lit car driving through the sky, with the slogan #becauseitschristmas trailing behind it. You can watch the completed advert here.

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