Artem Case Studies

BT TV - Giant Popcorn and Giant Hand Props BT TV, Avostar Ltd

'In today's current industry trend of ever decreasing timescales, it's comforting to know that Artem can still produce excellent work.'

Ben Ansell, Production Designer

With only a few days to go before the shoot, Artem stepped in to create giant props for the new BT TV advert, starring Rebel Wilson, as part of its campaign to advertise bigger entertainment for tiny prices.

The props for the ad consisted of a giant ‘zombie’ hand and a giant box of popcorn.  Both props needed to be about 10ft high, with the popcorn box accompanied by a few individual pieces of popcorn, about 600mm each.

Each of the models were drawn up in 3D design software – a combination of Z-brush, Solidworks and Freeform Plus – and output onto various CNC machines, including our 7-axis KUKA robot arm and CNC router. This reduces the man hours, saving time and money. The props were then painted and finished by our talented team of artists, before being delivered to the production team for the shoot.

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