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Walkers - Agadoo Fruit Suits Weilands, Walkers

'We at Weilands have worked with Artem on numerous occasions over the past decade with an exceptional outcome every time. Efficient, reliable and professional = Artem.'

Ivana Bohuslavova, Producer, Weilands

As part of its campaign to relaunch some of brand's favourite flavours from years ago, Walkers Crisps' latest commercial features our fabulous fruit costumes.

We designed and constructed four fruit suits with accompanying giant sunglasses – a pineapple, pear, lemon and banana – to be worn by actors as they danced along the seafront behind Gary Lineker to the tune of Black Lace's Agadoo, referencing the band’s original promo.

We also contributed various physical effects on the shoot, including knocking the pineapple over with a water cannon, lifting the pear off the ground with a hook and the lemon with a giant net, as well as building a trap door for the banana to drop through.  For the finale, we created a giant wrecking ball and rigging with which to take out the members of Black Lace.

Artem Director and project lead on the job, Simon Tayler, commented: ‘We’ve done quite a few of the Walkers commercials now and they are always fun as they are light hearted and usually involve interesting work for us, this one particularly so. Besides, who wouldn’t want to 'take out' Black Lace with a wrecking ball?! There wasn’t much prep time but we got a great team together so everything came together very nicely’.

You can see the full advert here.

And behind the scenes here.

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