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Tango - 5 Stages of Tang 101 London, Tango

Artem was recently commissioned by creative agency, 101 London, to create a series of tongue-in-cheek props for Tango’s current ‘5 Stages of Tang’ online campaign.

Tango has released six online films which feature the five ‘Tang Enhancer’ props being presented for sale on fictitious online shopping channel: Smart Deals TV.

The Nose Tang Enhancer is used to reward the wearer with an enhanced Nose Tang sensation when a can of Tango is first opened. This was sculpted, moulded and cast out in a skin-safe pigmented silicone, before having a series of straps added for affixing around the actor’s head.

 You can see the Nose Tang video here.

The Sting Tang Enhancer works in a similar way to The Nose Tang Enhancer but is worn over the tongue and is designed to enhance the effervescent ‘sting’ of Tango. Thiswas sculpted and moulded around a generic tongue shape, prior to being cast out in a safe, food-grade silicone. The prop was pre-pigmented with colour and given a rough, mottled surface. 

 You can see the Sting Tang video here.

For the Woo Tang Enhancer Artem designed and developed a series of bespoke portable ‘Woo Tang Enhancer Delivery Systems’ (W.T.E.D.S’s) intended to enhance the ‘taste explosions’ experienced by the Tango drinker. We created two sizes of mini replica Tango cans, which were each fitted over an adapted party popper and could be attached to a real Tango can for filming.

You can see the Woo Tang video here.

Boo Tang Enhancer utilised a piece of extremely 'haunted wood' to enhance the fourth, sometimes slightly unsettling ‘Boo Tang’ sensation which, in special conditions, can be experienced when taking a sip of Tango. Once a suitable piece of ‘haunted’ wood had been selected, Artem technicians art worked the surface to aesthetically enhance its haunted appearance. This had to be undertaken in strictly controlled conditions, during only daylight hour and with loud, jolly music being played in the background.

You can see the Boo Tang video here.

Artem’s brief when designing The Smoo Tang Enhancer was to create a machine that was big, noisy and totally impractical. For this we sourced a number of large, outdated electrical items and ‘pimped’ and re-programmed these with the latest in smooth-enhancing technology to produce a cutting edge piece of hardware which was able to bestow that Smoo Tang touch upon the operator.

You can see the Smoo Tang video here.

And you can see all five Tang Enhancers in action in this video - they certainly seem to add something to the Tango experience! 

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