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Strongbow Mini-Episodes - Apple Heads Stink GmbH

Strongbow’s recent series of six ‘mini-episodes’ feature Mr Incider, who happens to have an apple as a head.

We made two ‘apple heads’ for the commercial shoots, both designed to be worn by an actor. They needed to be hollow and lightweight for the wearer's comfort, with an adjustable head fitting integrated within the prop with a chin-strap to keep it in place.

We cast the first apple head in GRP from a CNC cut EPS shape. The stalk and skin surface of the apple were realistically artworked and eventually covered with plenty of clear lacquer to give depth and lustre to the finish.

An additional ‘action’ apple head was cast from the same mould as the first apple head, this time incorporating small holes where the wearer's eyes would be, allowing the actor to see where he was going without compromising the overall appearance of the apple.

You can view the final mini-episodes here.

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