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The Enfield Haunting - Estate Agent Prank Telegraph Hill Ltd, Sky Living

'What an incredible project to have seen come to life. I have honestly never walked on to a set that felt so in control of everything, especially as the final execution was essentially out of all of our control. Thank you so much for putting your all in to a very ambitious and risky project, and executing it so well.'

James Emtage, Executive Producer

As part of Sky Living's promotion for its upcoming three-part drama, The Enfield Haunting, for which Artem also contributed special effects, unsuspecting London estate agents were invited to value a house, only to receive the fright of their lives in a haunted house prank! 

We had great fun rigging the house with special effects to create the illusion of it being haunted by a ghost. 

You can see the video of the prank here.

For the video, we devised and produced various remotely controlled poltergeist effects. These included: rumbling cupboard doors; a 'book launcher' which threw books out of a cupboard; marbles noisily dropping out of a cupboard; collapsing shelves; a chest of drawers that falls over on command; a specially contrived creaking wooden beam; and a chair which moves and spins around the room.

We also built physical effects into the house by modifying plumbing and lights. For example, we made a tap switch itself on and off seemingly of its own accord.

It was an exciting challenge to create believable poltergeist effects in a real-life situation - and the estate agents were well and truly fooled! 

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