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Walkers Crisps Weilands, Walkers

Having worked on a number of Walkers ads before, Artem was delighted to reaffirm its relationship with Weilands by contributing physical special effects for the latest Walkers ads, starring Gary Lineker.

One of the ads shows Gary recovering in hospital, lying on a hospital bed and enjoying a bag of Walkers MixUps. After taunting his visitors with the snacks, they gain revenge by operating the bed’s remote control and causing it to fold rapidly in half.

Starting with a real hospital bed and modifying the mechanism with air rams, we enabled the bed to fold in half like a bear trap. To achieve the look of Gary’s legs being folded up to meet his head, the mechanism was designed like a magician’s box, with dummy legs where Gary’s real legs should have been.

The second ad sees Gary take on the role of a handyman who arrives at an elderly woman's home to fix her stairlift. When he refuses to share his packet of Walkers crisps, the old lady decides to take drastic action: pulling on a lever and firing Gary up the staircase at high speed and out of the window!

To achieve this effect, we built a stair-lift with a mechanism that enabled Gary to move all the way up the stairs within about two and half seconds, but without, in reality, being dangerous. A second rig, comprising an air cannon and a seat from the stair-lift, was installed on location and fired through a SFX breakaway window.  We sculpted a life-like portrait of Lineker and cast it in silicone before constructing a life-like, articulated stunt dummy, which we attached to the seat.

You can see the stair-lift in action here, and the hospital bed in action here.

You can also see behind the scenes of the shoot here.

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