Artem Case Studies

The Dreamer Produced by Ivor Powell

'I have worked with Artem many times over the years and always found them to be innovative, enthusiastic and creative - whatever the scale or the budget.

They designed a termination, electrocution arm that was so superb it could have come from a Hollywood mega movie. Not only did it look fantastic, but it also worked. It was the key piece of hardware - the whole production would not have worked without it looking totally believable.

During the short 7 days of our production, they supplied a highly professional effects team to stand by during the shooting ensuring that everything went smoothly.

I recommend Artem and their team to all producers about to make a movie in England involving any kind of physical special effects. They won't let you down.'

- Ivor Powell, Producer of The Dreamer (Blade Runner, Alien)

Set in a world where clones are endlessly manufactured and discarded for the newest model, a male and female clone share a last look as they wait to be called for termination...

Producer Ivor B Powell asked Artem to provide the sinister termination machine seen extending out from within a concealed recess in the ceiling of the termination plant. We designed and built an elaborately engineered device operated with a combination of cables and radio control.

Artem also provided all floor effects, pyrotechnics, props and atmospherics for the film.

  • Film
  • Atmospherics
  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Props
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
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