Artem Case Studies

Post Office Money Ad Hotspur and Argyle Ltd, The Post Office

Following the success of the Post Office Christmas ads, Artem was involved in the making of the next set of Post office ads.

We contributed the following: 

Dog Parachute: We made a nylon parachute for the dog, with wire stiffening to hold it in shape and to enable it to fly from above.

Pop-up balancing cake stand and plate:  The idea here was for Robert Webb to emerge from a table while a cake stand balances on his head while he talks; at the same time, the Post Office dog emerges, balancing a plate on its head! To achieve this, we adapted a table by cutting out an appropriate head-sized hole; we also modified a cake stand by attaching a skull cap, so it could sit comfortably on Robert Webb’s head. Various rigs enabled it to balance easily and upright.

Split sofa: We removed parts of the internal structure of a sofa so that Robert Webb could push through the cushions and appear to fly through the sofa. You can read more about this on our blog page, in 'My Risky Rig Experience'.

You can view the final advert here.

And behind the scenes here.

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