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Slow Mo Guys Park Village Productions and JN Productions

'A huge thank you to you and your team for all your efforts on the Slow Mo shoot. Everyone is very happy with what we achieved on the day, something we definitely couldn't have done without you guys. Your knowledge, skill and flexibility in accomodating us at every request throughout the shoot was much appreciated. I think coming over to your yard was the highlight for most!

It was a pleasure to work with you all, we look forward to the next time.'

Carolina Takagi, JN Production

The Slow Mo Guys is a web-based series starring Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, consisting of many different things being filmed in extreme slow motion. Park Village Productions called on Artem's expertise in pyrotechnics and slow motion projects to help produce a mindblowing compilation of images for the Slow Mo Guys' YouTube channel.

Working with Love High Speed and Mr Moco’s Bolt Rig, we had a lot of fun making explosions of powder paint, liquid paint and blowing up falling laptops, speakers and water balloons. We also launched a cloud of mousetraps and blew up about twenty melons!  These shots were compiled into a breathtaking show of slow motion happenings as Gavin and Dan talked about their YouTube activity, which you can have a look at here.

We also worked for JN Productions to help produce stills shots of high speed action. Outdoor scenes were filmed at Artem’s own back lot in Perivale where the Slow Mo Guys were photographed by Niall O'Brien with our explosions of melons and pineapples, as well as hurling about specially prepared paint. 

  • CNC Machining & 3D printing
  • Photography
  • Viral and Online
  • Liquids
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Models & Miniatures
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
  • Floor Effects
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