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Exobaby The Viral Factory, Hyandai

We were asked by The Viral Factory to make a puppet baby who wears a ‘super-powered’ exoskeleton in a ‘product identity’ film for Hyundai. Between the first meeting with the client and the day of the shoot, we had less than four weeks to create the extraordinary infant!

For the core body of the baby puppet, we bought a toddler sized doll which we broke down and ‘rejointed’ so that it was moveable. A real baby’s head replaced the doll’s head in post production, to create the effect of a real baby with superhuman powers.

Most components of the baby’s suit were directly manufactured using our 3D printer, from CAD (Computer Aided Design) files, which we adapted from 3D designs from the client, while others were moulded out of GRP (fibreglass).The exo-suit comprised a helmet (trimmed so it could be worn by the real baby), and - to be worn on the rubber baby - a chest piece, a ‘pants’ section, feet and ankles, wrists and hands, and shoulder joints. 

The final design of the puppet showed some of the baby’s bare skin, with parts of the arms and the baby’s tummy visible, so we moulded and cast two silicone rubber arms with integral jointed bones, as well as the baby’s belly. This meant that we also had to make sure the suit looked comfortable, which we achieved by adding soft fabric 'cuffs' at the edges of some of the hard panels of the suit.

On set, the baby was operated by puppeteers.

You can view the final ad here

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