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DriveNow Car Toppers The Corner London

We were asked by The Corner London to manufacture seven full-size car toppers to sit on the roofs of BMWs for the live launch of DriveNow, a 'pay-as-you-go' car rental scheme.

Some of the toppers could be directly manufactured from designs by the client, and we were later asked to draw up our own designs, for which we used our own CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology. We used our KUKA Robot arm to directly transform the computer designs into a physical reality, cutting the models out of polystyrene. Once the polystyrene toppers had been sculpted by the robot, they were given a hard coating of GRP to give them resilience, and then spray painted and mounted onto the cars using standard roof bars.

The launch was designed to raise awareness of the kinds of things you can 'do now' when you use the DriveNow service, such as go to the movies or to dinner. Such possibilities were represented by the following themed car toppers: 

Movie Now – popcorn in a paper cup

Coffee Now – a takeaway coffee cup

Eat Now – a huge aubergine!

Shop Now – a shopping bag

Meet Now – a 'man' bag

Gig Now – a broken guitar

Escape Now – pieces of rock

Artem team members were present at the launch, and it was a proud moment to see the toppers mounted on the cars and riding out in convoy into the streets of London.

You can see a video of the launch showing our toppers in action here.

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