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Post Office Christmas Ad Hotspur and Argyle Ltd, The Post Office

Artem was involved in the making of 3 Christmas adverts for the Post Office, starring Robert Webb as the 'Minister of Christmas', as part of its 'Get Christmas All Wrapped Up' campaign. We constructed various props and rigs to help create the success. You can watch the adverts here, each featuring a different celebrity guest: Pixie Lott, Amanda Holden and Gino D'Acampo.

See if you can spot our following contributions:

- Sprout rig: We developed a method whereby, when the actor takes one brussel sprout off the top of a high pile on a tray, all the sprouts fall off. The sprouts were used from our stock of fake rubber sprouts!

- The 'Selected Branches' flag: this was designed to unfurl from the end of a rod that was rigged to the Christmas tree.

- Confetti canons: We adapted our existing hire equipment to create confetti canons, enabling blasts of polystyrene loose fill packing to be blown from packing tubes.

- A model of a dog's paw: This was matched to photo references supplied by the client of the real dog used in the advert. The leg we made was extended slightly and mounted onto a control rod so that it could be used to press a button. This was meant as a comedy prop rather than to represent real taxidermy!

- An oversized 'rubber' stamp: This was around 10 inches wide, with the word 'Guaranteed' machined into the stamping face.

- Our Robert Webb doll: Adding a particularly nice touch of detail to the ad, we sculpted an 'action man' sized likeness of Robert Webb's head, which was mounted onto an action figure. We used photo references of Robert Webb's tartan costume to produce a mini costume to fit the model doll.

It was great fun to work on the commercials, utilising our range of skills, and spotting our various contributions in the final results!

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