Artem Case Studies

Beagle Street Colonel Blimp

As part of Beagle Street's new launch campaign for life insurance, Artem were approached by Colonel Blimp to bring to life their two characters: a cute creature representing all that’s good about insurance, and a horrible snarling creature that encompasses all the negatives of an insurance company.

Artem's creative team brought these two puppets to life with our sculptors, fabricators and engineers. The creatures' bodies were a mixture of plastazote and foam covered in fur fabric, whilst other elements were sculpted, moulded and cast in foam latex, which allowed for a skin texture and hair-punching. Both puppets had an internal armature that allowed certain body parts (ears, eyebrows, hands) to move, whilst the 'cute' puppet also had large custom-made resin eyes with an animatronic blink mechanism that could be remotely controlled by a puppeteer.

The final commercial came out a huge success, with both puppets bringing Beagle Street to life. Watch the commercial here.

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