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Fred the Homepride Man McCann London

Artem’s team constructed a wearable Fred the Homepride man suit to feature in a new generation of Homepride commercials, commissioned by McCann, London.

A 3D model of Fred was drawn up by our CAD designers, based on the client's supplied reference, and cut out on our 3D printer and 7 Axis KUKA robot arm, allowing our fabricators to create patterns off the models of Fred, and our mould makers to build a fibreglass shell of his head and hat.

Fred’s body was constructed from plastazote, wadding, foam and covered in black polar fleece, creating a lightweight and flexible suit for the actor to move around in. The head was attached via a backpack worn by the performer inside the suit and the head movements were puppeteered by cables running behind the suit. Fred had a variety of hands: a foam latex pair, a foam and fleece covered pair, and even a pair of giant oven gloves for him to present his delicious Homepride meals.

“The proportions of Fred created the first challenge – his head and hat are half his height! The solution was to have the performer kneeling so Fred’s feet were projecting from his knees. Thankfully the puppeteer (Robin Guiver) was great and totally entered into the spirt of the character” - Mike Kelt

You can see the finished suit in Hompride’s latest commercial here.

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  • CNC Machining & 3D printing
  • Animatronics
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  • Special Costume
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