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Asda Gnome VCCP

Artem were delighted to be involved with Asda's price-guarantee campaign. VCCP created the spot, which opens on ordinary gnomes that, the voiceover says, represent rival supermarkets. As Shaggy’s Boombastic kicks in, another gnome, portraying Asda, floats by on a lilo wearing a swimsuit and drinking a cocktail, while the voiceover explains the price promise. The work was created by Matt Hynds and Liam Wilson, and directed by Steve Bendelack through Hungry Man with Producer Ben Link.

Gavin evolved at the hands of Stan Mitchell, Artem’s Senior Sculptor, into the handsome fellow seen on the nation's TVs and poster sites. The sculpting process revolved around the need for continuity, as the heads were swapped on the bodies to give the appropriate expressions. 

Time was against the project from the off. The client’s intention was to get the film on TV within days. Fortunately, Artem is always able to quickly mobilise various in-house disciplines to create such apparently simple ideas as a pink lilo.

The replica inflatable Lilo was created with patterns made in our state of the art CNC machining centre, transferred to the vacuum forming machine to create the crystal clear floating lilo and finally painted neon pink in the walk in heated spray booth. 

Two weeks of frantic work was completed with a pleasant day in studios. The shoot was set around Kevin Phipps' recreated garden pond, and involved watching (or making) the gnomes perform their pieces to camera. When you have watched the film a few times, look out for the goldfish; they are not in shot by accident.

You can see the commercial here.

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