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Ella Eyre Caviar

"Working with Simon and his team at Artem was great! They are always thinking outside the box, creatively approaching the challenges of making a tricky but fantastic music video. We shot in the back lot of their studios in London which was a joy as we had all the talent and expertise of their team literally on our doorstep." 

Sonya Sier, Producer

Artem was commissioned by Caviar Films to create the impossible: enabling singer Ella Eyre to dance on the walls and ceiling in the music video for her debut single If I Go, directed by Henry Scholfield.

The music video for If I Go shows Ella and two dancers performing on all four faces of a room, moving seamlessly from floor to walls to ceiling. This was achieved by placing the artists in a set constructed within a unique machine designed and built by Artem - our ‘rollover rig’ - which is capable of rotating a set through 360 degrees up to a maximum speed of one revolution in 12 seconds. As the camera rotates with the room, the occupants seem to defy gravity as they move around.

The rig comprises a 6m diameter cylinder, which was fitted with a sparse modern interior for the music video. The rig can accommodate any number of scenic constructions to suit any project, so long as it fits the confines of the cage and does not weigh over five tonnes.

The Ella Eyre shoot took place in Artem’s covered filming area. You can see behind the scenes here and the music video here.

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