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Drowning Prevention Week Chrome Productions

"The guys at Artem Special Effects did a wonderful job on the tank and the lowering mechanism and worked tirelessly. We’re very happy with the way the film turned out." - Stephen Parker, Producer

"Chrome shared our passion and enthusiasm for the project. They hooked us up with the incredible people at Artem and, between them, they took ingenuity and problem-solving to new levels to conquer the raft of technical issues." - HROC

Artem was recently commissioned by Chrome Productions to help raise awareness of accidental drowning as part of RLSS UK’s Drowning Prevention Week (21 – 29 June). The project resulted in a chilling two-minute public information video, showing a 14-year-old schoolboy talking directly to the camera as he recounts a day out with his friends; as he tells the story the screen progressively fills-up with ‘dirty river-water’.

To achieve this result, Artem constructed a strong 1.5m deep tank filled with warm water in the company’s spacious back-lot in London, with the idea of lowering the actor and camera into the tank, at a simultaneous, controlled rate, to hide the movement and give the effect of rising water. A hydraulic motorcycle jack was modified with a comfortable seat, quick-release harness and adapted to carry a waterproof camera. Artem's special effects technicians working with director, Stephen Parker, carefully coordinated the camera and the actor, Jack Kane, as they were lowered into the water.

Additionally, Artem created a number of ‘dirty water’ samples as they needed to be safe for the actor to keep talking with his eyes open whilst submerged for as long as possible. The final dirt in the water was created using entirely natural and traceable materials.

Everyone worked hard to produce a fantastic film, and the final cut delivers an invaluable message for Drowning Prevention Week which you can watch here, and you can watch behind the scenes here.

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