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PruHealth Runner ICON World

Building on the success of Victor the giant swimmer at last year’s PruHealth World Triathlon Grand Final, PruHealth and PruProtect commissioned Artem to build an upscale sculpture of a running woman, which was unveiled by Jessica Ennis-Hill, to launch the Vitality Run Series, which commenced with the Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon on 22nd June.

Standing at four and a half metres high, it took a team of four special effects technicians four weeks to construct the striking figure from start to finish. The runner was designed using a 3D digital modelling package and was sculpted in polystyrene by our in-house KUKA robot arm, which is capable of machining 3D objects with an accuracy of 0.2mm. The polystyrene was reinforced from within using a steel armature and coated with a resilient waterproof GRP surface to withstand the unpredictable British climate.

The runner was unveiled in Battersea Park on 21 May before being transported to the Hyde Park starting point on 28 May for the triathlon event.

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