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Sky Sports Cricket BSKYB

Artem was approached by BSkyB, after the success of our F1 commercial, to help create a new promotional video for the T20 Blast cricket season on Sky Sports.

The video kicks the season off with a burst of colour, with trails of paint flying across the screen as cricket bats swing into balls filled with paint, creating a colourful explosion.

The team at Artem produced a range of different viscosities of 'paint' liquid and a number of rigs and devices specifically for the shoot. These were used to fire, splash and pour the 'paint' over specially prepared cricket equipment, which had been sealed with a coating so it could be wiped clean to allow for quick resets between takes.

Ten break-away cricket balls were also made from thin shatter plastic filled with 'paint' to create a key, high speed shot of a ball exploding into a shower of colour on impact with a cricket bat. To ensure that the shoot went smoothly, several tests were conducted and captured on our own high speed analysis camera to send to the production team for appraisal.

Despite a tight timeframe, both BSkyB and Artem were happy with the results.

  • Commercials
  • Liquids
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Floor Effects
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