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Sky Sports F1 BSKYB

The new season of F1 has begun and Artem was asked by BSkyB to help with the new promotional trailer. The trailer shows the effects of a speeding F1 car on the road and the drivers' bodies pulling manhole covers out of a road from the vacuum they create, and shooting tears from the drivers' eyes as they brake at high speed.

3 replica manhole covers were cut on our CNC machine and mounted to a section of road surface which was connected to a compressed air mortar, allowing our technicians to shoot the manhole covers out of the road surface at force.

We also created a micro bore tube rig that could be glued to the actor's face to deliver exaggerated tear drops from the corner of the eye; the actor was then attached to a cantilevered platform that allowed him to lie facing downwards in a "locked off" position so that the tears would fall away from the face.

You can watch the commerical here.

And the behind the scenes here.

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