Artem Case Studies

Valhalla Rising BBC Films

Artem provided all the special effects for Valhalla Rising, a film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, about a one-eyed warrior who escapes his captors with the help of a young boy, and throws his lot in with a band of Christian Vikings heading to Valhalla.

We provided the atmospheric FX on set and on location from rain, wind, smoke and fire to fog-bound seas and torrential storms across the Scottish landscape. Artem created all the prosthetics for the film including numerous severe battle wounds, entrails, severed heads, corpses and the lead actor's scar tissue across his eye.

  • Film
  • Atmospherics
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Prosthetics
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
  • Wind, Water and Steam
  • Floor Effects
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