Artem Case Studies

Doomsday Hadrian Productions

"Artem is an excellent outfit, they responded well to a very rigorous testing phase and delivered the miniature and pyrotechnics to an excellent standard in a friendly and co-operative fashion. I was very impressed with their skills and work ethic."

Hal Couzins, VFX Supervisor

One of the climactic sequences in Neil Marshall’s film Doomsday features a Bentley Continental flying through the side of an exploding bus.

Artem was approached by VFX Producer Tim Field to build two miniature replicas of the bus which could be exploded in a controlled sequence to enhance the live action footage shot in South Africa.

A 1:2 scale model of the bus was built with a block model of the Bentley. The bus was rigged and exploded in Artem’s backlot and shot against green screen. Artem also filmed several fire elements which were composited in post-production.

  • Film
  • Models & Miniatures
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
  • Visual Effects Elements
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