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Water Aid Loo Independant Films LTD

Water Aid, a charity supporting clean water in Africa, approached Artem to be a part of its new commercial campaign. We were required to create an 'animated' loo seat, lid and two loo rolls so that they could be puppeteered to sing along to a song written for the commercial.

We had a very tight turn around of 2 days for this job, and what was achieved by the team here was incredible. A toilet seat and lid were moulded and cast in silicone with puppeteering rods set inside each of them. Two loo rolls were also moulded and cast in foam latex, making them soft and flexible to puppeteer like gloves, to look like eyes on top of the loo. Everything was painted to match the toilet we were provided, and on the day of the shoot our technicians went along to puppeteer the mouth and eyes through two hand holes in the set wall, which the loo was pushed up against.

The timescale in which we managed to create all of this was astonishing and came out with a great result for all.

You can sing along here.

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