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Halfords Acupuncture Blink Procutions

The shoot was great fun and we achieved everything we wanted to so very happy directors and clients - Joshua Smith, Blink Procutions.

As part of the new Halfords commercials, Artem's expertise in special effects makeup was approached by Blink productions to create a set of prosthetic acupuncture needles.

During the commercial, a model was required to lie down on a massage table for several hours with acupuncture needles covering her body. To avoid the model from having real needles in her skin for a prolonged period of time, we created a set of etched, brass discs that had acupuncture needles glued onto them, which could then be applied onto the model and covered with a prosthetic patch of skin to blend everything seamlessly.

It was a very simple and quick job for us; it yielded great results, allowed the client to be able to film all day and in a way that was much more comfortable for the model.

You can watch the commercial here.

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