Artem Case Studies

Molson Canadian Fridge Molson

Artem was asked to design and build a fully practical fridge that would open automatically when a Canadian passport was entered into a slot on the front and scanned, thus giving access to the Molson beer inside! The fridge had to be set up in various public spaces in Europe and the reaction of passers-by filmed.

Having drawn-up and rendered an image of the fridge for approval, work started on adapting a real fridge and adding the additional structure for the computers and scanner. Parallel with this, the scanning head had to be made, and software written, to recognise a Canadian passport but no other. Then the high finish bodywork was pattern made, moulded and cast in fibreglass before being given a high gloss paint finish and vinyl graphics applied to the surface. 

The crew had some fun taking the fridge round Europe where it was making up to 3 appearances a day travelling between various locations.

See this heartwarming commercial here.

And see how we made it here.

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