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Snickers' Gremlin CLMBBDO

Thomas Laurent, producer at CLMBBDO, said of working with Artem, “Artem did an amazing job on the Gremlin – it looked so real, and as you’ll see in the advert, the creature really came alive!  The animatronics were brilliant, and we got the feeling that the operators and puppeteers we had on set could have done anything with it.  For Artem, nothing was impossible.  The resulting commercial exceeded our expectations, and that’s mainly thanks to the Gremlin.”

French advertising agency CLMBBDO approached Artem to work on a new European campaign for Snickers.  The team was asked to bring to a life one of the Gremlins from the iconic 1984 movie produced by Steven Spielberg.

A take on the classic comic horror film, the commercial sees two young men trying to pack up their flat, while a disgruntled gremlin grumbles and tears up a cushion in the middle of the room – but with one bite of a Snickers bar, he is transformed back into a normal man.

To recreate the hungry little monster, Artem technicians made a sophisticated and lifelike animatronic hand puppet. The Gremlin had a moving body, head, arms, hands, eyes, mouth, ears and brows which took three people to operate fully, with Artem employing a specialist puppeteer to bring life to the performance. According to the commercial’s director, Gary Freedman, “Artem nailed the authentic look and the performance was spot on – he was an angry little shit!”

Here’s the end result here.

And the spoof 'making of' clip here.

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