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Carling Smuggler

Art Directors Kevin Phipps and Jacqui Pringle at Smuggler approached Artem to work on a series of TV commercials for Carling, promoting their new cider. Artem's creative designers and special effects technicians worked closely with Kevin to create a series of linked elements that met the budget, brief and time-scale. 

These three commercials introduce the new faces of Carling: Jon and Dylan. The first advert involves an attempt at the ultimate trick Pool shot, while the other two include an extreme apple bobbing event and a heroic catch of a cricket ball, involving a clear dive through a moving ice-cream van.  

In ten days, Artem made modifications to a working ice-cream van and the air-cannon for the cricket ball. We also created an oak barrel with underwater viewing panels and, for the trick Pool shots, developed a number of components for filming at the Hurricane Rooms in Acton, West London. These consisted of a series of ramps and runways, ball lifting bobbins, a beer tube ball race, a mallet powered lift dropping onto a model car, and an arrester hook to propel the 8 ball through a flaming hoop, bouncing off a toy drum to find its way into the pocket. 

Everyone was very happy with how the job went, and worked enthusiastically from start to finish, achieving a fantastic result. 

See the trick shot here.

See the apple bobbing event here.

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