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Injury Lawyers 4 U The Gate Films

'Thank you so much everyone for today, it was a great shoot and good fun, despite the rain and long day! You were all absolutely brilliant, see you soon.'

Vicky Byrne - Senior Director

'I am SO grateful, SO impressed and SO amazed by your collective and individual performances today. You were ALL awesome. We really DID a 14 hour day in 9 hours of daylight. What’s more, you lot made the whole thing look brilliant, so thank you, thank you, thank you. I am extremely lucky to have you lot behind me. 10,000 Thanks.'

Bluey Durant - Director

Artem was approached by The Gate Films to work on the new TV ad for Injury Lawyers 4 U. Part of their idea was to propel a wave of tennis balls out of the back of a truck and all over the street.

Our special effects technicians rigged the truck so the doors could be flung open on cue using gas powered struts, a pyrotechnical cable release, and a series of shelves and ramps to hold the balls against the closed mesh doors.  

In addition, we rigged a bicycle so it could be reliably crashed into a group of tables by creating a stabilised bike with fixed steering. The stabiliser meant it could run at any speed and the fixed steering meant it could be aimed with an accuracy of 30cm over 5 meters.

With the rain, cold and travelling to Liverpool, it was a hard day’s work. However, the crew were still in good spirits and managed to get the job completed in daylight with everyone pleased with the end result.

See the advert here.

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