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Giving Truvia a Hand Hungry Man/Silver Spoon

Artem was approached by Hungry Man to collaborate on a new TV campaign for Truvia, a natural sweetener product from Silver Spoon. This involved a giant theatrical hand being lowered into shot in the jungle set, balancing an oversized jar of Truvia on it. The idea was for the hand to look a little like a pantomime prop with a comical edge.

The hand itself was carved in polystyrene before finishing and the installation of the rigging. Once the hand was carved, it was covered in layers of fibreglass tissue and liquid latex to give it outer strength and the illusion of a skin-like texture. It was then painted by Emily, one of Artem’s special effects technicians, with several layers of acrylic washes to build up colour and depth.

The giant Truvia pot that the hand was to hold was drawn up in 3D and CNC machined on our 3 Axis router. This gave us the vacuum form pattern from which the the clear plastic shell of the pot was created. The pot was then wrapped with vinyl, also cut internally, to replicate the product packaging.

You can watch the advert here

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