Artem Case Studies

Beardie Weirdies for Philips' New Beard Trimmer Philips

When Philips released a new beard trimmer, Art Director, Malin Lindholm, asked Artem to create the effects for the advertising campaign where the joke was that, as the man featured in the advert used the beard trimmer, everything else in the room began to grow facial hair.

For this, we created several decorative ornaments, a chandelier, a sculpture and curtain frames that each had beards and moustaches growing from them.

This was a fast project on which the team had fun sculpting miniature heads in clay and carving giant heads in polystyrene. The hair was a mixture of wigs and raffia glued and punched into the giant sculpts, whilst the small chandelier heads each had individual hand-knotted beards, side burns and moustaches! 

You can watch the advert here.

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