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Lighthouse Winchester Films

'Lighthouse was a massive undertaking. 25 huge sets, endless action sequences and all the action at night in a storm!

The joy of working with Artem was twofold. Firstly, their adaptability, as I would often get a great idea on set. The key is to surround yourself with people who answer "yes, Simon, we can do that". The Artem crew always said "yes". I never heard phrases like "no, we haven't prepared that" or "no, you never asked for that" - not once! If they had to work through the night to get a last-minute special effects rig working, they did.

Secondly, their professionalism. Preparation and testing is everything in physical special effects. Often when you are using practical effects, you might be using them for the first time. A poorly prepared team will cost you time and money - we never waited for Artem. From a remote controlled air freshener can to huge rain rigs and tip tanks, everything was always ready on time and on budget. You can't ask for more than that. I would not hesitate to use them again on future projects."

Simon Hunter, Director, Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a British horror film written and directed by Simon Hunter. A group of prisoners are being transported by ship to a remote island prison; among them is mass killer Leo Rook who audaciously escapes during a fierce storm and flees to a lighthouse on an isolated, rocky outcrop.

When the ship hits rocks and sinks, a bedraggled bunch of survivors struggles ashore to the apparently deserted lighthouse. Only when they discover the decapitated corpses of the lighthouse keepers do they realise, with mounting horror, that the psychopathic Rook is at large, and hunting them. One by one the death toll mounts as the terrified party desperately attempts to stay alive until daybreak. 

Lighthouse is a dark, claustrophobic throwback to the classic stalk-and-slash horrors of the 1980s, combining visceral thrills and genuine chills with a unique, creepy location.

From floods to blood, burning bodies to blades, Artem's team of creative designers and artists designed and produced numerous special effects sequences that add tension, atmosphere and gore as the killer hacks his way through castaways at a desolate lighthouse.

  • Film
  • Atmospherics
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
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