Artem Case Studies

Troy Warner Bros

Troy, for Warner Brothers, has been one of Europes largest Motion Capture projects to date. Artems sister company, artemdigital, undertook this vast task.

To enable the animation to be as realistic as possible it was necessary to replicate the physical aspects of many original sets and locations in the studio. To achieve this, Artem built a range of props, mechanical rigs and environments, including a full scale Brireme (Greek war galley), to give the actors and stuntmen a true sense of how things would have been.

Shields and weapons were constructed by our model makers to be the same weight and dimensions as the original ones being used in the live action resulting in accurate motion capture. With as many as 100,000 Greeks and 40,000 Trojans required for the battle scenes, many of them nearly full screen height, this is an epic movie in every sense of the word.

  • Film
  • CNC Machining & 3D printing
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Props
  • Visual Effects Elements
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