Artem Case Studies

Dove Lathered Up Warm and Fuzzy

'The team were absolutely amazing. They had a tough job, but they never complained or took breaks, just did a great job. Everybody from the Director and DOP through to the Agency were very impressed. They made all of our jobs much easier.'

Edward Grann, Executive Producer, Warm & Fuzzy @ Gang

Warm and Fuzzy wanted to wrap their models in luxurious attire made entirely from soft bubbles for a new Dove Cream Oil campaign. The director wanted to demonstrate the irresistible feeling Dove Cream Oil gives skin and to do this the lathery clothing had to make the wearer feel as though they were being enveloped in a super soft mink coat.

Rising to the challenge, the Artem special effects team set to work experimenting with all manner of bubble fluids, from the type you find in children's party bags, to special long staying solutions containing polymers, as well as mountains of bubble bath. Air rigs and water jets were tested at various pressures with the liquids on mannequins and the effect noted.

After a lot of tweaking and a test shoot, we found a great creative solution that had the desired effect as well as enough staying power for a shoot. In addition, the team built rigs to create the liquid product shots with drops of oil landing in Dove cream on demand.

  • Commercials
  • Liquids
  • Mechanical Rigs
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