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Extinct Wall to Wall

The work is brilliant - naturalistic and great movement too. Exec Producers and Commissioning Editors are very happy! Well done!

Wall to Wall Television

Artem designed and created three life size mechanically operated heads for the Channel 4 series 'Extinct'. A Dodo, Sabre Tooth Tiger and Tasmanian Tiger were required for close up shots of the extinct creatures where the detail of the features and movements was chosen to be replicated through physical rather than computer generated imagery. 

Basic movements were controlled by our special effects team using a combination of direct mechanical linkages and cable based systems incorporated within the skulls, and externally. The more complex, and mechanically less energetic movements, such as snarling, blinking or wrinkling of the nose were radio controlled via servos.

The design and manufacture of the heads by Artem's team of model makers, sculptors and engineers took approx 8 weeks. Considerable research was done at the early design phases to make the physical details of the animals as accurate as possible. Working closely with the Wall to Wall researchers, leading specialists were consulted at various stages to approve the look, feel and authenticity of the heads.

  • TV
  • Animatronics
  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Props
  • Sculpture
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