Artem Case Studies

Nobby's Platforms Walkers

Artem's creative designers were approached by Therapy Films to create a towering pair of platform shoes for Noddy Holder to wear in a new spot for Nobby's Crisps from AMVBBDO.

The spot, directed by Therapy Films' Mark Denton, opens with Noddy enjoying a packet of thick Nobby's Crisps. When the camera pans down we realise there are lots of grappling hands trying to reach him. A further pan reveals they don't stand a chance as Noddy's platforms are far too high!

The exaggerated platform shoes were based on a genuine 60s pair, for which our special effects technicians sculpted giant soles, 4.5ft in height, from polystyrene before covering them in fibreglass and painting them. The existing shoes were then solidly mounted to the soles using metal plates and given aluminium leg braces so that Noddy had greater stability and range of movement.

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