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LIVING TV Virgin Media Television

'The Artem team very quickly grasped the concept we were working to. The natural elements we were shooting could have presented unpredictable problems and Artem did an excellent job at limiting the possibility of any of them arising. I was also impressed with the team's initiative and adaptability when reacting to direction given during the shoot day.'

Lee Walker, Creative Head, Design, Virgin Media Television

LIVING's new idents were directed, produced and post produced in-house by Virgin Media Television, who approached Artem to create stencils of the new logos and to provide a variety of special effects.

Steel stencils of LIVING and LIVING 2 were water jet cut and used as frames to shoot the elements through. Smoke, water, diamonds, glitter and fire were shot on 35mm film at 100 frames per second.

The film was transferred to HD DPX files and composited in After Effects by Lee Walker.

Bob Thorne, SFX Supervisor at Artem said:

'It was really nice to do an effects shoot of physical elements for idents as they seem to be mostly CG these days. Sourcing the oversized cut glass diamonds was no mean feat, but the internet, once again, proved invaluable and the end result looks great. All of the idents have a really nice depth to them that I feel you can only get by using physical effects.'

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  • TV Idents and Promo's
  • Atmospherics
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
  • Visual Effects Elements
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