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7Eleven Trunk Animaiton

Having worked with Artem before, we knew exactly the kind of high quality finish we could expect. From start to finish they guided us through the process of creation, always adding their own views and ideas, resulting in an exquisite model that looked so life like people would insist on checking. A rather gluttonous sole ingested a grape before we could convince him that it was fake! Considering we arrived at Artem with only photos of real food and ideas, it was a blessing that they took hold of the build and really made it their own. From Pitch to delivery Artem proved to be the best studio I have worked with.

Richard Barnett, Producer, Trunk Animation

7Eleven are letting the food speak for itself literally - in this commercial campaign promoting their made to munch range of fresh food within Australia. The stop frame spots, Directed by Trunk Animations Steve Smith, feature a fruit salad with attitude that compares himself to an Olympic athlete and demands eat me and a repressed English chicken sandwich who tentatively plucks up the courage to invite us to feast on him.

Artem had the task of creating practical stop frame puppets that retained the look and feel of the real products a fruit salad, a chicken salad sandwich and some choccy milk.

The food had to look as mouth watering as possible. We had to be pretty inventive in recreating them from materials that would be durable enough to withstand the shoot and armatures, whilst looking good enough to eat. After much experimentation, we ended up with multigrain bread made from polyurethane foam with real seeds, filled with foam latex chicken, electroformed copper rocket and silicone tomatoes! Not as healthy as the real thing perhaps, but it looked yummy

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