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World War I Soldier The Black Watch Regimental Museum

'The Black Watch Museum is thrilled to have such an astonishingly realistic figure - one that is of a totally different calibre to most seen in other museums.'

Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Lindsay, Black Watch Regimental Secretary, Black Watch Regimental Museum

Artem contributed a lifelike sculpture of a World War One soldier to take pride of place in the Black Watch Regimental Museum in historic Balhousie Castle, Perth. The figure was made using a life cast of Artem technician Dave Nichol, who travelled to Perth to personally install it.

The figure forms the focus for an exhibition on the 1st World War, in which 8,000 men of the Regiment lost their lives. It is positioned in a lifelike trench setting as if the soldier were about to go over the top in a dawn attack, with authentic sound effects of artillery.

Artem's Managing Director, Mike Kelt, said: 'We wanted to deliver something that would draw the attention of visitors to the museum. The soldier really catches the eye and people will have to look twice and then once more again just to check that it is really is a sculpture.'

  • Visitor Attractions & Museums
  • Sculpture
  • GRP & Composite processes
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