Artem Case Studies

IBC Exhibition Sony

Sony approached Artem with a brief to build a 10m tall x 12m wide replica of an oak tree to form the centrepiece of the Sony stand at the IBC exhibition - it's main equipment sales show aimed mainly at selling cameras and related equipment.

The base of the tree was divided into 3 segments, each containing a small film set detailed in a different style. These sets were a French village square, a caravan interior, and a stream and water wheel with numerous plants and shrubs - plenty of interesting things to point a camera at.

The upper part of the tree had to look real, so Artem's skilled engineers built a steel framework and clad it with carved polystyrene, which was then textured, coated and painted to look like bark. Real branches were then fixed onto the ends of the carved ones and dressed with over 100,000 artificial leaves.

Our team of special effects artists built the tree in 4 weeks from start to finish - pre-built at our workshops in London, dismantled, shipped by road to Amsterdam (4 articulated trucks) and re-assembled in 3 days on site at the Rai Centre in Amsterdam.

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