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The Thinker Smith & Sons

'The Artem team embraced our project from the outset and pulled off a great job, especially given the time constraints involved. Turning a person into a believable, living version of such a well-known piece of art was no mean feat, but they rose to the challenge and more than delivered.'

Phillipa Smith, Producer, Smith & Sons

Crispin Porter Bogusky came up with a challenging idea for a new Miller Lite campaign. The script follows Rodin's Thinker as he stirs, dismounts his plinth and wanders the streets of Paris, becoming disillusioned with the beer choice. A chance sighting of a plane flying over the Eiffel Tower prompts him to negotiate airport security and head stateside, where he is rewarded with a cool Miller Lite.

Director Ulf Johansson really wanted to capture this special effect in camera so production company, Smith & Sons, sought out Artem to help come up with a creative solution for how this idea might become a workable reality.

After quite a bit of discussion, our special effects makeup team and fabricators undertook a prosthetics and special costume route. With only 3 weeks from casting to shoot, we were up against it. All 7ft 7 of Britain's tallest man had to be life cast so that we could sculpt him into Rodin's most famous work of art, before then moulding and casting it in silicone rubber to create the special costume.

Artem SFX Supervisor/Designer, Bob Thorne, comments:

'We were lucky to have a great team available to work on this job. Our resident sculptor, Stan Mitchell, did an amazing job and was supported by a cracking team of moulders, painters and fabricators who made the costume look suitably bronzed. Neil was incredibly tolerant of the exhausting procedures involved and we got a great result. The spot has a really nice feel to it.'

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  • Prosthetics
  • Sculpture
  • Special Costume
  • GRP & Composite processes
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