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Atlas Royco Minute Soup

Artems brief was to make a classical statue 'come to life'. Atlas was chosen, as he is so well known, and carries the spherical model of the heavens which could be put down during the action.

Our team of creative designers and special effects technicians were involved in the casting of the artist, as it was essential that we start off with a body of the right shape and proportions - well developed but not too bulky in the upper torso. The plan was to design a series of rubber 'pieces' which would alter the shape of the actor and impart a stone-like texture to the skin.

A full lifecast was taken and a plaster cast was made - giving us a replica of the actor. The new shape/stone texture was then modeled in clay onto the plaster cast. Care was taken to ensure that the pieces would not crease at the joints and that edges would be as inconspicous as possible. A set of moulds and intermoulds was produced to enable the soft latex foam pieces to be cast. Three full sets (approximately 20 pieces per set) were made for the two day shoot. Each piece had to be individually painted and finished.

The success of a project like this is dependant on each stage of the process, but the application of the prosthetic pieces can make or break the final effect. A team of three specialist make-up artists took over 12 hours to complete the job, applying the pieces, blenind them in and colouring.

We also made the heavens carried by Atlas. They were modeled, cast in fibreglass, suspended on a cable and covered with fullers earth to create the dust cloud as it smashed down.

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  • Prosthetics
  • Sculpture
  • Special Costume
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