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Advertising Space Robbie Williams

Artem were approached by Art Director Marco Puig to help realise a nostalgic storyboard FOR director David LaChapelle produced by HSI Exposure Films for Robbie Williams latest VIDEO release Advertising Space.

This is the second single from Mr Williams new album 'Intensive Care' which he describes as his 'True Romance' song. Mournful and profoundly cinematic, it describes a superstar's tragic fall from grace. The video, beautifully directed by David LaChapelle, shows Robbie as you've never seen him before in a moving tribute to one of his heroes, Elvis Presley.

Artem's special effects artists created a mannequin to be the centrepiece for a shrine within a wardrobe in Robbies bedroom. They also created all the atmospheric and pyrotechnic effects to create the desired mood throughout the video.

  • Music Video
  • Atmospherics
  • Props
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