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BBC1 Christmas Red Bee Media

I was warned by our Art Director that it may not be possible to achieve a physical giant snowball in the time available and that if we did manage it would have to be built from polystyrene as an inflatable would be too bouncy and therefore unrealistic. Artem came to the rescue saying they could just about get it ready in time, coming up with the great idea of building it from segments and putting it together on set. There were a few scary moments when we thought there may not be enough space at the location to assemble it and a crane had to be called in to help, but come the shoot day there it was, a huge 19ft high snowball ready and waiting for it's moment on camera. People keep asking me if it was made out of real snow which snows what a great job Artem did.

Ella Littlewood, Producer, Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media came up with an ambitious idea for a Christmas ident that reinforces the circle theme of the BBC idents as well as demonstrating that amazing things happening when people come together. The brief required our creative designers and special effets technicians to build a giant snowball to be rolled along a street by a crowd of people. They wanted the snowball to completely dominate an urban street location, so it was decided that it should be 6 metres tall!

Artem Designer Simon Tayler comments;

I decided to make the snowball from polystyrene as there was no time to have an inflatable made and the Director, Stuart Douglas, was concerned that an inflatable might appear spongy when pressed by hand. Despite the nature of the material we approached the job as an engineering problem and constructed a 6 meter diameter geodesic sphere, this was rounded off and surfaced with paper snow. The ball was constructed in our workshops, sectioned and then transported to location in an articulated lorry.

The end result was magical. A little girl that lives in the filming location was transfixed and, despite the relatively mild temperature, insisted in being wrapped up and emerging to play in the snow.

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