Artem Case Studies

Bonjela Reckitt and Colman Pharmaceutical

We were asked to create an environment that represented the inside of a mouth containing an ulcer inhabited by 'Spike' - a demonic character who causes pain and discomfort. The ulcer required a clear flexible dome which could be pushed and punched by Spike.

The actor also needed enhancement to make him more 'spikey'!

The dome was always going to be the greatest challenge. Finding a material which was clear, flexible and resilient was a challenge, but nothing compared to the complexities of moulding the shape in the short time available. The clear urethane rubber required very accurate measurement of reagents and curing at a precise temperature. (Luckily we have the facilities here to handle this). Our first atttempt was not successful, but a call to the manufacturers clarified a process and we were lucky with the second cast. The environment (24 x 12 x 6) was poly-carved as a stylised massively upscale model and painted in fairly realistic colours.

For 'Spike' we decided (with Director Bob Lawrie) to cover him in a range of diferent sized pointed cones - along his backbone, shoulders, arms and hands. He was completed by being sprayed a vivid pink colour by our make-up artist.

  • Commercials
  • Prosthetics
  • Sculpture
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