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In The Womb Pioneer Productions

What a wonderful job you have all done on our babies. The models are amazing, and everyone says so. The footage that David has shot is extraordinary. I have a great time lying to people about what is real and what is a model."

Toby Macdonald, Producer/Director

As part of Pioneer Productions documentary on 'In the Womb', unravelling the journey from conception to birth from the foetus point of view. 

Despite groundbreaking filming and scanning techniques, Artem's creative designers and special effects technicians took up the challenge of creating five ultra-realistic and anatomically accurate models that were required to engage the audience and illustrate the foetus (complete with placenta, umbilical chord and membranes) at key stages of development that would be impossible to film for real.

Simon Tayler, Artem SFX Designer/Supervisor, said:

When Director Toby Macdonald from Pioneer Productions approached us about this project, we knew instantly that we could bring the right approach to the job. Each model was sculpted in modelling wax, moulded, cast in silicon rubber, painted and individually hair punched.

This was a fascinating project that required us to use our initiative and resulted in the development of several novel techniques to enhance the finish such as; reverse painting blood vessels into the mould and using transparent flock to create the tiny swirls of hairs on the skin. We made the wombs themselves in a series of large blow-formed acrylic domes layered with hand painted silicon rubber. The colouring was carefully controlled so that the material would remain translucent for back lighting.

Artem were awarded an RTS Craft Award for Special Effects for their work on 'In The Womb' in 2006. The jury commented: "the attention to detail was impeccable and thoroughly convincing for a subject matter that demanded sensitivity and compassion."

After the success of this job Artem went on to make a set of animal foetus for "Animals in the Womb".

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