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Animals In The Womb Pioneer Productions

The different silicon models Artem made for the film were very impressive. I was fascinated by the processes that went into transforming the foetal ultrasound images and other reference into the absolutely realistic models.

Dr Thomas Hildebrandt, Ultrasound Expert,

Artem Special Effects created nine exceptionally realistic models of mammal foetuses, complete with womb environments and umbilical chords, for Pioneer Productions film exploring the in-utero development of three well known mammals: elephant, dog and dolphin. Similar to our previous 'In the Womb' models. The programme received a huge amount of press attention both in the UK and abroad. Our models were considered so convincing that many of them were assumed to be real and credited to advanced filming techniques.

Whilst images obtained via these filming and scanning methods are exceptionally revealing with regard to foetal development and behaviour, the project required an altogether more filmic quality for numerous shots of the developing foetuses inside the womb. Artem Director and project manager Simon Tayler comments the only way to represent the full beauty of the developing creatures was to create a number of highly naturalistic models.

In reality, the stunning in-utero sequences were recreated by inventive filming of Artems highly realistic models in liquid environments by Dr David Barlow. Some of the images were then added to in post production. The models were sculpted in clay and wax before being moulded and cast in silicone using a variety of special techniques. They were then painstakingly hand finished to show blood vessels, pigmentation and hair.

The wombs themselves were made in a series of large blow-formed acrylic domes layered with hand painted silicon rubber. The colouring was carefully controlled so that the material would remain translucent for back lighting.

You can see some of our models in action here

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