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Little Britain Stage Show Phil McIntyre Entertainment

'Artem completed what was a very complicated job in an extremely tight schedule. They have provided a very professional and thorough service which has been invaluable.'

Andy Gibbs, Stage Production Manager, Phil McIntyre Entertainment

Artem was approached by Phil McIntyre Entertainment to build an array of rigs and props to enable Little Britain to take their plethora of eccentric characters on the road. Bringing the award-winning TV show to a live audience presented challenges in translating effects usually obtained through clever editing, such as the size difference between Dennis Waterman and Jeremy Rent.

To assist the cleverly stage-managed sketch they feature in, Artem's special effects technicians produced a miniature Dennis and Trumpton fire engine as well as a giant desk for Jeremy, complete with a giant prop hand and an enormous dog biscuit.

Other specialist props built by Artem include a very ladylike tandem for terrible transvestites Emily Howard and Florence, and a sit-on fun bus for fallen kids' TV presenter Des Wiki-woo! Kay.

Maggie and Judy, genteel ladies of provincial England, required the construction of a projectile vomiting rig in order to display their disgust in the expected way as they discover the winner of their cake competition has an Asian name.

However, the most complex aspect of the project was definitely the design and construction of a stage tracking system to smoothly move the sets on and off stage without stage hands. This was quite a feat of engineering, especially as it had to be adaptable to suit over fifteen different venues.

Phil Ashton, SFX Supervisor at Artem, commented:

'This was a twelve week job with only three to turn it round. We were lucky to have such good technicians available to us at the time, who enabled us to turn out a great product despite the time limitations. The track system design was very innovative and has proved to be a great success.'

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