Artem Case Studies

Nicorette Pharmacia

Artem's team of creative designers and special effects technicians were asked to build a giant cigarette costume to portray a villainous character, but one that could be beaten or subdued.

The actor's face was required to blend into the surface of the costume, so we made a GRP head core and prosthetic face piece, which would mould the face into the costume using some special effects makeup. This allowed the actor to perform whilst the face appeared as though it flowed from the body of the costume without a seam.

We also made giant blister packs and patches to represent the product. The whole job was shipped to Cape Town, South Africa for location filming and our Technicians attended with local make-up support.

Artem have worked on various other anti-smoking campaigns, including The smokers and NHS tumours.

  • Commercials
  • Prosthetics
  • Special Costume
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